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《Membership agreement》
Registration Agreement X

Before registration, please read the following contents. In the process of registration, click the "agree and continue" button, that is, users fully accept all the terms under this agreement.

First membership

After you have committed to fully agree to the terms of service and complete the registration process at Zhejiang Kaiyuan Lighting Technology Co., Ltd., you can become a member of this website and enjoy the service provided by Zhejiang Kaiyuan Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. website.

Second: membership authority

1, members must sign contracts and pay related business expenses to enjoy all the tax services provided by the website.

2. Any member is obliged to comply with the agreements, regulations, procedures and practices of the provisions and other network services.

Third: member information

1, in order to enable us to provide better services for members, please provide detailed and accurate personal data, such as updating in time, and providing false information, which is borne by the members.

2. Members are responsible for keeping their registered codes and revising them regularly to avoid loss. The loss caused by the negligence of the members is borne by the members. The user should be responsible for all the activities and events of its user account.

The fourth article: the cancellation of membership

If it is found that any member has one of the following deliberate acts, the network reserves the right to cancel its service and does not have to make any compensation.

1. All or local services may be affected by or harm the operation of the site.

2, to obtain membership by any fraudulent act;

3. Use the network service system for any illegal purpose.

Fifth: Annex

1. The scope of the above regulations is limited to the website of Zhejiang Kaiyuan photoelectric lighting technology Co., Ltd., http://www.ltts.cc.

2, members of the network violate the above regulations and violate the relevant laws and regulations. All the consequences are conceited. Zhejiang Kaiyuan Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. has no liability.

3. Within the provisions of this clause, the rhino cloud website has the ultimate right to explain.

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