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When low-carbon, green and energy conservation become the consensus of the whole society, the transformation of the lighting industry is followed. Energy-saving products represented by new light sources such as LED lights and non-pole lamps will replace traditional lighting sources and compete for green lighting market.

"In the next 10 years, LED lighting will lead a green revolution in China's lighting industry." In huizhou leishi photoelectric technology co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "reshi") for the lighting enterprise, the future of China's energy-saving lighting market will be a huge cake. This information comes from the government's attitude and the strong advantages of LED lighting products.

In recent years, our government has been very firm in the elimination of incandescent light bulbs, and supported efficient lighting products in the form of state financial subsidies. The public lighting systems in the provinces have been replaced by energy-saving LED street lamps, and the pace of replacing traditional incandescent bulbs is accelerating. In addition, the "ten city wan light" semiconductor lighting application engineering have been fully launched, in the next 4 billion only, the market demand of LED lights every year to 2015, the semiconductor lighting will be extended to 30% of the general lighting market, the scale of up to 500 billion yuan RMB.

Although the outlook is bright, the companies that want to get into the market must also face the challenges in the field. Now LED the product cost is higher, each to beat machine has become a key of enterprise r&d input, many lighting companies also for LED products research and development invested heavily to how, but it is not yet. Industry insiders say 2010 is an important year to test the capital strength of LED lighting companies. Whoever occupies the commanding heights first, who will have the vast market.

Electrodeless lamp as "dark horse"

LED lights have a great deal of "attack on the city", and other new energy-saving light products also show the courage to enter the market.

"Electrodeless lamp as a new type of energy-saving products, caused the attention of more and more, has gradually become the trend of green lighting products, have been adopted in more and more energy-saving renovation project applications." Li weide, chairman of Shanghai hongyuan lighting appliances co., LTD.

It is understood that the non-polarized light is integrated with light, electricity and magnetic technology, and is a new generation of lighting source with IC integrated circuit. Because it changes from electrical energy to heat energy, and then to light energy, it can be converted directly from electrical energy into light energy, thus saving a lot of energy consumption.

Due to the advantages of efficient energy saving and long life, the non-polar lamps become a special product for energy management.

However, "the market generally believes that the price of the non-pole lamp is relatively high and the distribution of light is difficult, which greatly restricts the development of the non-polarized light." In the view of li weide, there is some misunderstanding on the market. "So-called electrodeless lamp price is high, refers to the unit price relative to the traditional energy-saving lamps light source is higher, but as a result of energy-saving lamps, long service life, high efficiency and energy saving from the entire product life cycle to calculate, users not only can save a lot of electricity, also can save the high maintenance fee, labor, in light of the comprehensive cost such as cost, therefore electrodeless lamp price compared with the actual use value is not high. And energy contract management model, energy conservation reform project owners can enjoy energy-saving benefits without spending a penny. As to the problem of light distribution of the headless lamps, the surface is that there are few special lamps that are suitable for the non-pole lamp, and the final analysis is the market participation. With the more extensive use of the headless light, more special lighting manufacturers will be created to match the source of the light source, and the lighting problem will be solved naturally. Wei-de li regrets ground say: "hope that the relevant state departments will help promote electrodeless lamp the promotion and popularization of this new type of energy-saving products, increase support of electrodeless lamp enterprises, to promote energy-saving lamps industry formed certain industrial scale."

LED VS electrodeless lamp

As two types of energy saving products that lead China's green lighting market, which of the LED lights and the headless lights will be better in the future market competition? Industry insiders have been arguing about this.

Technically, the non-pole lamp is different from the technology of LED lighting, but the product life and energy saving effect of the two are not far off.

In terms of applicable types, LED lights and non-polar lights have their own division of labor. As the single power of the LED light is small, the high-power LED light used in the engineering project cannot be compared with the headless lamp. Similarly, in small power landscape lighting, indicating lighting and display, the headless light is not as good as the LED light.

"In functional lighting, there is a clear advantage in comparing the light source with the LED light source." Li said that LED lights in the field of functional lighting have the defects of low light efficiency, large light failure, poor heat dissipation solutions and poor product consistency. In the field of functional lighting, the new light source has the advantages of high luminous efficiency, low light attenuation and instantaneous start-up.

From the perspective of technology maturity, the quality of domestic LED products is not perfect, and most of the core chips of LED lights are imported from abroad. Compared with the LED lights by foreign patent heavy restrictions, electrodeless lamp relevant patent grasp firmly in the hands of domestic enterprises, at present most electrodeless lamp made by China in the international market, many electrodeless lamp lighting enterprise production technology has reached the international level.

In terms of price, LED lights and non-polar lights are expensive compared to traditional lamps. Because the chip of LED lamp USES foreign technology mostly, the price is not low naturally. While the non-pole lamp is slightly higher than the traditional lamp, but because it can adopt the energy contract management mode, the user can "zero" in the early stage, so it is favored by the users.

From the current market recognition analysis, the headlights and LED lighting are far apart. LED lighting has become the industry generally agree that the future of the light source direction of the development of new, major lighting companies have also invested heavily in LED lighting product research and development, the LED lighting products on the market is also very rich. On electrodeless lamp market awareness and penetration rate is relatively low, only a handful of energy-saving lamps products of enterprises in energy research and development, and with infinite light source form a complete set of lamps and lanterns of products is also very scarce, which seriously affected the application and popularization of electrodeless lamp in the market. "The biggest obstacle to the current development of the headless lamp is that the market is not widespread enough and the owners are not familiar with it." Regardless of who is ahead, China's lighting industry has become a fixture in an energy saving revolution, says Mr Lee.

Change a light bulb, colleagues to change our thinking, we can change the world.
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