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The principle of light emitting diode



The headless lamp has no electrodes and is illuminated by the basic principle of electromagnetic induction and gas discharge. Without filament and electrode, the bulb can live up to 100,000 hours, 100 times as much as incandescent lamp, 5 times to 15 times of high pressure gas discharge lamp, and 5 to 10 times of compact fluorescent lamp.

Based on the above principle, the gas is generated by a simple magnetic discharge. Using high frequencies produced by electronic ballasts, electromagnetic transformers made of metal coil magnets create magnetic fields around the glass tubes (containing gases). The discharge path caused by the coil forms a closed circuit, which causes the acceleration of the free electron. These free electrons collide with the tribute atoms and excite the electrons. The activated electrons go from the high energy state to the low energy state and emit ultraviolet light, which is converted into visible light by the three basic color phosphors on the surface of the glass tube. The unique shape of the headless lamp optimizes the effect of the above generated magnetic field. The non-pole lamp is the new invention of the electric light source technology in the lighting industry. The advantages of the non-pole lamp are obvious.

Excellent performance for a non-pole lamp


1. The power saving 50% ~ 65%

Because the non-pole lamp adopts the electromagnetic induction luminescence, with IC control electron rectifier, it has the characteristics of high luminous efficiency, high power factor and high system power. 

2. Long life

The lamp has no easily damaged electrode (i.e., the filament). The service life of the lamp depends on the service life of the rectifier components, and the normal working life is 100,000 hours, which is 100 times of the ordinary bulb.      

3.Start instantly.

The non - pole lamp can be started instantly and hot, and the starting speed is millisecond.      

4. No glare and stroboscopic, can protect eyesight.

According to the literature, when the working frequency of the light source is greater than 40KHz, people's eyes will blink unconsciously. The working frequency of the non-pole lamp is 2.65MHz, while the non-pole lamp also has a wide range of temperature range of 2700K~6500K, and the high color CRI >80 (Ra) and other features can also help to protect the vision while achieving the design illumination.      

5. Excellent light performance.

The "white light" from the headless lamp has a full spectrum, similar to sunlight.      

6. Good color reduction.

In daily work and life, in addition to the "bright" standard, in many applications should achieve the "true" effect, which is the color of the light source is high CRI >80 (Ra).      

7. High visible light ratio.

In the emitted light, the visible light ratio reaches more than 80%, the visual effect is good.    

8. Wide application.

The non-pole lamp can be widely used in road/bridge lighting, tunnel lighting, commercial and office lighting, large area of department store lighting, sports stadium/museum lighting, city nightview lighting, etc.      

9. Reduce other operating costs for users.

The non-polar lamp generates very little heat, which does not cause a large temperature rise in the room, which can reduce the energy cost of air conditioning. The long life of the lamp can save users a lot of maintenance costs (labor and product costs).        

With high efficiency, new lighting users can reduce the investment of power load.      

10. Environmental contribution.

The non-pole lamp adopts solid amalgam, which is easy to recycle and avoids the pollution caused by the liquid mercury used in traditional light source. Long - term use can reduce the demand for glass by a large number of light sources, reduce the energy consumption of manufacturing materials and the large amount of energy consumption when the glass is fired. If the worldwide use of the non-pole lamp, the overall effect of energy saving is significant and the efficiency of CO2 emission reduction is huge.

Research and development system

After nearly 10 years of accumulation and continuous devotion, Wright company brand, has formed a complete electrodeless lamp industry chain has the ability of annual output of eight hundred thousand sets of electrodeless lamp lighting appliance company in hangzhou to form internal and external coupled electrodeless lamp technology research and development centers, the introduction of a large number of technical personnel, hired international famous photoelectric technology experts, zhejiang university professor Mr Ye Guanrong as the chief designer, formulate the electrodeless fluorescent lamp enterprise standard; Introduce the international advanced product quality testing equipment, independently develop the product testing system, realize the production, research and inspection integrated production system.

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