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Since the inception of kaiyuan company, kaiyuan people have made the vision of "building 21st century healthy lighting". Aiming at the goal of no frequency, no blue light, no radiation and no pollution, we are committed to truly improving the light environment of human life and providing a healthy and environment-friendly lighting environment for modern people.


Zhejiang kaiyuan production base - zhejiang chuangyuan lighting technology co., LTD was formally established, be engaged in the inside and outside buy electrodeless lamp technology research, product development, manufacturing, product sales and lighting design in the integration of green lighting enterprise.


International famous photoelectric expert Ye Guanrong and he led the team of scientists, with strong technical strength, made a historic breakthrough electrodeless lamp field, the real "zero" radiation electrodeless lamp series products, and also is widely used in the areas of police, civilian, intelligence, market all over the country.


Zhejiang kaiyuan won the national high-tech enterprise certification, national innovation achievement and so on many honors, and kai yuan auxiliary lighting system based on the technology of energy-saving lamps and only included in the ministry of public security to promote scientific and technological achievements to guide planning and application innovation plan of the ministry of public security police products, more than 300 counties across the country, the public security system is recommended and put into use.


Kaiyuan "healthy" lighting idea formally universal health source market turmoil, many fields have been widely used in all walks of life, the market expansion, also means that the influence of ascension. Laid the kaiyuan electrodeless lamp series products in the civilian market set up the "ecological health source providers" national brand, the same year, zhejiang kaiyuan united the drafting and several authorities to make more than the national standard of the electrodeless fluorescent lamp enterprise standard. In order to promote the goal of health lighting, the goal is to set a standard for the new standard of lighting industry by using the light source closest to natural light.


Kaiyuan series products has passed the ISO9001, CCC, UL and so on more than 10 international and domestic certification, become a national key not only to develop projects, technology patent product promotion, get more central television publicity. Kaiyuan people at the same time more than 20 provinces and cities all over the country for more than 200 large and medium-sized enterprises lighting renovation project, inside and outside the industry high attention, and get a deep and capital into "50, 50" plan of the project. Established zhejiang kaiyuan as the "professional video lighting provider" industry status.


Kaiyuan make strategic restructuring, the introduction of lianchuang capital, and successfully obtained the "gazelle enterprise" certification, kaiyuan latest scientific research results have achieved remarkable success in the field of plant growth and defense, the same year electrodeless lamp series products for chairman MAO memorial hall, the G20 hall, Hong Kong's Victoria harbour, hangzhou government building, hangzhou telecom building, hangzhou huanglong mountain hotel, hangzhou, hangzhou newspaper group, west group, zhejiang province higher people's court, the Chinese academy, huanglong sports center, hangzhou history museum and other institutions and enterprises customization or retrofit lighting system, has accumulated a large number of excellent quality, energy saving significant project cases, obtain the height of the domestic and foreign customers trust and consensus of inside and outside the industry, at the same time, get the favour of various capital boost, and additional investment.


The company has established three r&d bases at home and abroad, and has been actively engaged with Australian capital to prepare for the listing in Australia. All the way to go out in the country "area, to embrace the international market" the policy guidance, vigorously promote the development of foreign markets professional video lighting, homework emerging industries such as building light environment, get out of the way yuan Wright on the international stage, become a "health the first IPO lighting", service in the global lighting business.

Zhejiang kaiyuan is here.

"LTTS Wright" came.

Light up the world, illuminate healthy life!


Change a light bulb, colleagues to change our thinking, we can change the world.
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