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Zhejiang kaiyuan photoelectric lighting technology co., LTD., founded in 2003, is engaged in inside and outside buy electrodeless lamp technology research, product development, manufacturing, product sales and lighting design in the integration of green lighting enterprise. Company has electrodeless lamp technology and the independent brand LTTS (Wright department) electrodeless lamp, from the blister Ming tubes, light source, ballast to lamps and lanterns, has formed a complete electrodeless lamp industry chain, has the ability of annual output of more than eighty sets of electrodeless lamp.


The company hired international famous photoelectric technology experts, zhejiang university professor Ye Guanrong as the chief designer, Mr Formed by more than 10 has a senior professional and technical titles of scientific research staff of internal and external coupled electrodeless lamp technology research and development center. With the strong technical strength, it guarantees the continuous innovation of the lightbulb products and lays the important position in the international.

Company introduces the energy-saving lamps production equipment, independent research and development for 2.5 hours digital electrodeless lamp special detecting sophisticated automation line (ADA), made a systematic production operation process, strictly control each subtle in the production of ensure the Wright company brand electrodeless lamp technology.

Companies have EMC electromagnetic interference conduction and radiation detector, integrating sphere 2 m, full digital color luminance meter, large-scale distributed photometer, high and low temperature test chamber, digital light meter, colorimeter, tektronix digital oscilloscope, frequency characteristic analyzer, precision laser range finder, and other advanced photoelectric detection equipment, and has set up a mature and efficient quality management system, with high precision digital testing instrument as the carrier, each product all pass strict inspection before they go out and test.

Company has established complete systematic electrodeless fluorescent lamp enterprise standard, this standard strict rules for the classification of the Wright company brand electrodeless fluorescent lamps, technical requirements, test methods, inspection rule, mark logo, packing, transportation and storage.

Company has the electrodeless lamp technology research and development capabilities and production equipment, high-tech digital testing instrument, perfect electrodeless fluorescent lamp enterprise standard etc to ensure the LTTS (Wright department) brand electrodeless lamp series product has long life, high light efficiency, high color rendering, high stability, high power factor, no stroboscopic, no glare, no pollution, low harmonic content, technical performance. Wright SiWuJi lamp products covered by the road lighting, tunnel lighting, industrial lighting, commercial lighting, indoor lighting, special lighting and other fields, formed a cluster, many specifications of the products.

LTTS products have passed ISO9001, CCC, UL, CUL, CE, FCC, ROHS, CB, GOST, SAA and other international and domestic certifications.

LTTS (Wright department) electrodeless lamp in the road traffic, industrial buildings, municipal square, stadiums, shopping malls, hotels, designs city-lighting, landscape lighting places so as to obtain the widespread application, has accumulated a large number of excellent quality, energy saving significant project cases, won the trust of customers at home and abroad.


Change a light bulb, colleagues to change our thinking, we can change the world.
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