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Team strength:

Concentration comes from ingenuity, strength comes from specialization. Since its inception, the company has been aiming to master the core technology of "the fifth generation of energy-saving and healthy light source".

Professor ye guanrong, a professor at zhejiang university, and more than 10 experts in the professional and technical titles of middle and senior professional titles.

Thick technical strength, achieved the historic breakthrough in the field of the non-pole lamp, solved the problem that perplexing the industry worldwide, and created the lighting industry.

The national brand "LTTS leiter" will bring the real "zero" radiation, full spectrum, low energy consumption, and no light biohazard series products.

The market has developed product matrix covering public lighting, professional lighting, education lighting, civil lighting and intelligent lighting. It has taken the measure of all mankind.

The first step of the customized professional health lighting is to provide a healthy and professional living environment for modern people with the light source closest to natural light.


  • 1. Hired the internationally renowned photoelectric technology expert and professor ye guanrong of zhejiang university as the chief designer, and set up a high-tech r&d center of high and low frequency headlights.

  • 2. The online detection technology with international invention patent ensures that the light source has a high luminous efficiency and luminous flux retention rate, good power consistency and high color rendering.

  • 3. Select high-quality glass material, and produce the bubble shell and tube.

  • 4. To improve the uniformity of fluorescent powder in lamp tube by using special phosphor powder and nano technology.

  • 5. 茌 heated to 470 ° C - 500. In the state of C, vacuum is drawn, and the vacuum of lamp tube reaches 10-5pa (pa) above to ensure the service life of the light source.

  • 6. Each product has been tested and experienced in the 2.5 hours automatic digital detection line (AD 8 line).

  • 7. Independently develop, design and manufacture electronic ballast to match the light source, all electrical technical indexes conform to the relevant standards of the international electrotechnical commission (IEC).

  • 8. Equipped with a special luminaire designed and made with a non-pole lamp.

  • 9. From sea bright Ming tubes, light source, ballast to the lamps and lanterns, the company has formed a complete without Cha lamp industry chain, has the ability of annual output of more than eighty sets of electrodeless lamp 110. Established systematic electrodeless fluorescent lamp enterprise standard.

Change a light bulb, colleagues to change our thinking, we can change the world.
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