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Exhibition time: October 29, 2015 -- November 1, 2015.

[exhibition venue] shenzhen convention and exhibition center.

[zhejiang kaiyuan photoelectric booth] booth 1CD4.

The ember will take "the security +, open security new era" as the theme, will show a comprehensive development and innovation in the field of security technology, create more business opportunities for Chinese and foreign enterprises cooperation, leading the industry development direction. The exhibition area covers an area of 110,000 square meters, and opens the exhibition center (9 pavilions) and 2 floor platform hall. There are more than 6000 standard booths. There will be nearly 300000 people in 150 countries and regions of the purchasing professionals to visit, including the UK, USA, Canada, Brazil, South Africa, Russia, India, Turkey and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan 53 countries and regions such as group participation and procurement.



Zhejiang kaiyuan photoelectric security associated with huaqiang, kaiyuan photoelectric will carry full hd video monitoring product appearance in 2015 as the fill light the 15th CPSE ember, actively explore the market, the high color rendering, no glare, long life, color data consistency to the purchaser.

Video monitoring is an important part of the construction of pingan city. Monitoring image are don't need other evidence supporting the evidence system, the courts can directly use the evidence, in crime prevention, early warning linkage and solve cases and ensure major activities plays a more and more obvious role. Regardless of the structure of the system, it should be reflected in the clarity and authenticity of the image, so it has become the main direction of video monitoring and development.

We aspire to be a professional video manufacturer, warmly welcome customers to call for cooperation, we will be very happy to tailor your products for you. For more information about zhejiang kaiyuan photoelectric products, please visit video fill light page or download the photoelectric portal APP.

We look forward to meeting the distinguished guests from all parties at the expo in shenzhen.

Change a light bulb, colleagues to change our thinking, we can change the world.
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