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Technology changes life

Fifth-generation energy source technologies

Close to natural light full spectrum of healthy light

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Technology changes life 2

Fifth-generation energy source technologies

Close to natural light full spectrum of healthy light

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Technology changes life3

Fifth-generation energy source technologies

Close to natural light full spectrum of healthy light

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  • City traffic

    The road is the city's artery. Main street lighting to meet pedestrian, vehicle night operations. Garden lights, landscape lights and street lamps form a three-dimensional lighting mode, enhance the effect of road decoration, beautify the city at night, but also make up for lack of street lighting. Kaiyuan Lutex Promise road lamps with light reasonable, light long life, perennial use of maintenance-free. High luminous efficiency, good color, can be instant start work in the ultra-low temperature environment. Compared with traditional light sources, lamp road surface can achieve better uniformity

  • Furniture lighting

    A good light will damage the eyes more than the ordinary lamp. Night falls, soft light sprinkles in the world of light and shadow to defend the health of you and your family for a lifetime. Kaiyuan Wright Division lamp, truly no flicker no glare, no blue no radiation, high color rendering to see the true, highly uniform light, energy efficient, long life, Kaiyuan lamp technology innovation, to bring you beyond imagine lighting experience.

  • Video fill light

    Surveillance to make the city safer, monitoring fill light is widely used in bayonet electronic police capture system such as night plate fill lighting. In addition, monitoring fill light can also be used for parking. With night monitoring, defend the road safety. Kaiyuan Wright electrodeless lamp AFBG-2, Ministry of Public Security to promote scientific and technological achievements, high-pressure die-cast aluminum, high-strength tempered glass, high transmittance, impact resistance, good safety performance, high protection performance. High color rendering, escort for urban safety.

company introductionZhejiang kaiyuan photoelectric lighting technology co., LTD., founded in 2003, is engaged in inside and outside buy electrodeless lamp technology research, product development, manufacturing, product sales and lighting design in the integration of green lighting enterprise. Company has electrodeless lamp technology and the independent brand LTTS (Wright department) electrodeless lamp, from the blister Ming tubes, light source, ballast to lamps and lanterns, has formed a complete electrodeless lamp industry chain, has the ability of annual output of more than eighty sets of electrodeless lamp.       The company hired international famous photoelectric technology experts, zhejiang university professor Ye Guanrong as the chief designer, Mr Formed by more than 10 has a senior professional and technical titles of scientific research staff of internal and external coupled electrodeless lamp technology research and development center. With the strong te...
  • First-class technology
  • Advanced equipment
  • Expert team
  • Industrial chain
Energy-saving manufacturing value, share a bright life
Wright Division created using the principles of the resonance cell products lamp, the bulb out independent research tube, a light source, ballasts, lamps, etc.

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Promise lamp products in 2012 into the national government market, and has already entered the country more than 10 provinces and cities in the road lighting, tunnel lighting, mining lighting, commercial lighting, interior lighting, special lighting and other fields completed a good project Case.
  • 应用场合:适用于各类工厂厂房、汽车4S店、仓库、体育馆、超市、车站、展览馆及其它室内应用环境。
  • 适用于隧道、地道、城市地下工程、农业育种、植物生长等照明环境
  • 适用于楼宇泛光、建筑物景观、停车场、广告牌、体育馆等室外应用环境。
  • 适用于煤矿、加油站、输煤系统、远洋轮船、高危工业厂房、食品厂等照明场所。
  • 适用于城市道路、高速公路、停车场、广场、商业街道、桥梁及其它室外照明环境。
  • 物理学上 光源 光源 指能发出一定波长范围的电磁波(包括可见光与紫外线、红外线、X射线等不可见光)的物体。通常指能发出可见光的发光体。凡物体本身能发光者,称做光源,又称发光体。
  • 镇流器(ballast resistor)是日光灯上起限流作用和产生瞬间高压的设备,它是在硅钢制作的铁芯上缠漆包线制作而成,这样的带铁芯的线圈,在瞬间开/关上电时,就会自感产生高压。
Why choose us
  • Quality assurance

    Life more than 60000h
    5-year warranty
  • Patent certification

    30 national patents
    By national standards 11
  • Healthy and harmless

    No flicker no glare
    No Blu-ray, no radiation
  • Energy efficient

    Small power big light effect
    Instant start less than 0.5 seconds
  • Green

    No filament-free electrode
    Solid mercury material
  • Color realistic

    High-quality three-color phosphor
    High display, light uniform
  • Environmental adaptability

    In -35 ℃ ~ 50 ℃ environment work properly
  • Widely used

    At home, tunnels, etc. fill light
    And other industries have a wide range of applications
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Scientist team
The chief architect of Professor Ye, led by more than 10 technical research staff of the inner and outer coupling lamp technology R & D center
  • Hangzhou university of electronic science and technology college of electronic information, microelectronics and solid electronics professional master tutor, the third level 151 talents project of zhejiang province in 2013-2014, the national professional visiting scholars, the United States at the university of Michigan in Ann arbor. Main research direction: electric light source material and electrical design, microwave millimeter wave radar communication medium resonance \ filter materials and devices, new energy lithium materials and electrical characteristics.
  • Zhejiang university professor, doctoral supervisor, chief scientist of Chinese chromaticity; Former international lighting council (CIE) D1, D2, the representative of China division, the international society for color (AIC) executive committee, vice director of China lighting, visual and color experts committee, director of the Chinese illumination acad lighting academy director of zhejiang province and so on; He has been awarded the title of outstanding contribution expert, model worker of zhejiang province, outstanding science and technology worker of national university, etc. It has 2 international patents and more than 10 domestic patents; The representative of China, the international society for color (AIC), director of the China electrodeless lamp industry experts committee members...
  • Graduated from zhejiang university psychology, senior economist, who have served in zhejiang province public security department, the zhejiang kaiyuan photoelectric lighting technology co., LTD., chairman of China electrodeless lamp industry, chairman of the union.More than a decade ago, I embarked on a career path for a green dream. In the green environmental protection, low carbon energy to become the world trend of background, he has the keen market insight and extraordinary courage, focus on the new light source technology research and product development, founded the LTTS (Wright department) electrodeless lamp brand has become an electrodeless lamp technology industry leader.A dream, a career. He is tireless spirit, superb technology and perfect products, adhere to the "technolog...
  • Representative of the laboratory director of the university of Australia, the CT research institute; President of the international conference on IEEE and CVPR successively; He has published or co-authored more than 70 student papers in the field of multimedia signal processing. Research direction: video search method expert.
Advanced imported equipment, strict management system, professional service system
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The company has successfully created the product of the non-pole lamp, which has been used in the principle of battery resonance for 15 years since 2003, and independently developed the cases of bubble shell, light source, ballast, lamps and so on.
  • 2000

    City introduction

  • 32000

    Monitoring fill light

  • 55000

    Family lighting

Project case
Corporate clients throughout the real estate and construction, urban lighting, education, police not only security, civilian home and other major industries.
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Change a light bulb, colleagues to change our thinking, we can change the world.
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